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  • A Public Service Message By Shan Securities: Put CCTV at your house door and save lives of your loved ones. We have special packages for home users. Contact is today!!

    Posted by Shan Securities on Thursday, August 11, 2016



  • KPK government ordered Nathiagali Hotels to install CCTV

    KPK government has issued a notice to install CCTV Camera in Nathiagali, Dongagali and all other Tourist spots in KPK. You will be heavily fined if you don’t have CCTV  installed. Contact us today to get  free quote to install CCTV Cameras in your hotel.

  • Enhance Your Security by Installing Security Cameras at Home

    Day by day, the crime is increasing with the pace, so it has now become very important to have the security of yours and your family. Though you are living in a safer zone and you have not heard about any crimes in your area, which is a very good thing, but anything can happen anytime, even you don’t know. You surely read about crime every day in the newspaper, radio and the internet and most of the time, a security camera helps to identify and arrest the suspect. So, it’s now become very much important to have CCTV camera for the home.

    CCTV camera system is one of most new and advanced technology for the security, whether it’s in the home or any public area. By installing CCTV camera at home, the homeowner can live in a complete peace of mind. Initially, this system was developed to examine regular activities of employees at companies and public places for security purposes. But later on, it felt that this system also required for residential security also. So gradually, CCTV cameras are now also used at home as well. Now, to make your more aware of this camera, we are here to provide you some of the most vital benefits of CCTV systems.

    Benefits of CCTV Camera

    Determine Crime

    If you will install CCTV camera system or hidden cameras for the observation, then automatically thefts and vandalism in the home, shops, malls and other public areas will reduce. As you can monitor each activity and if it is there, then you can take an immediate step against it.

    Maintain your Records

    Each person and their activity can be captured by this system and are often recorded and stored in a database. by this way, you can maintain the record so that they can easily retrieve later when required.

    Protects the Employees

    This system is very much effective in customer service centers. It has been observed that the employees, who are providing customer service may be subjected to verbal abuse or physical attacks. Through CCTV camera, you can easily identify such type of instances and act immediately against them.

    Assist in Legal Claims

    In the case of thefts or any other forms of crime, images and videos captured by the CCTV camera can easily present in the legal case as a valid proof and evidence against the defaulter.

    Help to make Right Decisions

    The footage from such type of camera can help you to make correct and right decisions when settling disputes, whether it’s in domestic or professional scenarios

  • Our Slogan: ” Be Protected and Be Safe” – Shan Securities


    Get you home and business protected, install CCTV today.

    CCTV is not a physical barrier or a  fence but it has many functions that helps to prevent assault and robbery. It triggers a perceptual mechanism in a potential offenders mind that he will be caught if he commits a crime and demotivates the offender.

    Onsite for a business or a shop it can help to identify thieves and shoplifters and can possibly stop a crime on site.

    Lets Protect our selves because it never too expensive then your life and lifes of your loved ones.

    Save your business from potential offenders. Install a CCTV camera today and display the SIGN!!


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